Complete Auto Detailing Services

JCL Arram Auto Detailing provides interior and exterior car detailing, and free estimates to the Kearney, NE and surrounding areas.
Kearney Interior Auto Detailing

Interior Auto Detailing

Trust the friendly technicians at JCL Arram Auto Detailing to provide quality interior cleaning of your car or truck. We are licensed and insured for your protection, and our owner is hands on with every job. We provide free local shuttle services for our customers. Call us today for complete auto detailing.

Kearney Exterior Auto Detailing (Hand Wash)

Exterior Auto Detailing (Hand Wash)

Put your trust in the professionals at JCL Arram Auto Detailing to clean your car and restore its shine. Our team has over 12 years of experience providing expert detailing, satisfaction guaranteed. Our local and family owned business will clean your car bumper to bumper and tires to roof. We hand wash all cars! Call us today for a free estimate on car buffing and ask about our senior discount. For your convenience we complete services on the same day, have free parking, and provide a free shuttle service.

Kearney Ceramic Graphene Coating

Ceramic Graphene Coating

What is Graphene? Graphene is the strongest material ever tested. Graphene is proven to be harder than diamonds! About 200 times stronger than steel. According to Forbes Magazine (2019), "in proportion to its thickness, it is the strongest material known..." Graphene is so revolutionary, that two scientists who discovered Graphene in 2010 were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Ceramic with Graphene is a revolutionary, proprietary formula designed to put a hard protective shell over your vehicle's paint and clearcoat. With Ceramic, your vehicle has extra protection against environmental elements, while maintaining a showroom-new shine for years to come! JCL Arram Auto Detailing offers a 5 year warranty on used vehicles, and 10 year warranty on new vehicles. The Ceramic Graphene Coating can be applied to all vehicles, boats, planes, semi trucks, etc.

Exterior Protection: Resists contaminants from adhering to the surface. Repels dirt, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, salt & mineral deposits. Reduces frequency of car washing. Environmentally safe.

Interior Protection: Hypoallergenic, 0% VOC. Safe for Children & Pets. Odorless. Protects Fabric & Carpet from Permanent Staining. Conditions Leather & Vinyl to Prevent Drying & Cracking.

Kearney Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your vehicle looking great. Trust the auto specialists at JCL Arram Auto Detailing to make sure that every inch of your vehicle is clean and shiny.

We can travel to your home or business to provide you with our maintenance detailing. We also offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly services for wipe downs and window cleaning. Call us today to learn more about our mobile services, and ask about our senior discount.